A Complete Overview of Current E-Commerce Filtering Status

Ecommerce filter is something that enables customers to narrow down the collection of thousands of products to a few items that exactly match their needs and interests. Even though filters are the main aspects of a user’s ecommerce browsing, most of the websites still offer a lifeless filtering experience. In fact, the recent research made on ecommerce filters revealed that just 16% of major ecommerce websites offer a good filtering experience.

Knowing the importance of filters, a famous research institute spent over 9 months on researching about how the customers use filters, how they browse and evaluate the products. The institute examined both research based and category-based product lists. Below mentioned are some key findings of the research related to users’ filtering experience.

  1. Only 16% of the sites offer a good filtering experience: If the filters are applied properly, they enable customers to have a look at the product that exactly matches their requirement. The research found that only 16% of ecommerce sites offer a good filtering experience providing sufficient filter types and balanced filter designs that go well with the users’ expectations.   
  2. 42% of the sites lack category-specific filter types: Most of the users who wish to buy some product online would like to filter the products based on some specific attributes. For example, if a customer wants to buy a digital camera, he would filter the products based on the attributes like zoom level, megapixels and so on. But the study says that 42% of the websites lack category-specific filter types.      
  3. 20% lack thematic filters: Nowadays, thematic browsing patterns have become quite common in physical retail stores where a sales assistant would help customers to select their needs like a shirt, spring jacket and so on. While the products like cameras, TVs or shirts can be easily located in an ecommerce site but finding a product that matches certain theme is really difficult if the site is lacking thematic filter.
  4. 32% lack compatibility filters: Few products on ecommerce sites rely on compatibility; i.e. the product’s relevance will be determined by its compatibility with some other product that the customer already has or planning to buy. Accessories are the typical compatibility dependent products (a laptop case or an audio system that has to plug into the TV and so on). It’s would be difficult for the customers to find the accessory that is compatible with a product that they already have if the sites don’t possess compatibility filters.
  5. Only 16% of the sites promote important filters: There are some categories whose filters are very important and beneficial for a customer. However, displaying these as the traditional filters on the sidebars would lead to the risk of overlooking on that specific category or not understanding the importance of making a selection.

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