3 Most Overrated Marketing Trends

23 July 2014

San Jose: It’s simple for entrepreneurs to get held up in the publicity of the current trends in technology, social media, mobile apps, and the like. Many developments in these domains are indeed valued for small business, especially those that do all or most of their business online. However, much of what you heed on these fronts is overrated way out of proportion.

Sometimes, the one endorsing the latest trend has a vested interest. Just as frequently, people become keen about the newest bright and shiny thing.

To assist, put this into outlook, here are a few hyped principal tech trends:

1. Social Media Marketing

You can’t argue that social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram etc are great. If you have a business, then it’s certainly a better thought to be active on at least a couple of these sites. However, many small businesses have an idealistic notion about how simple it is to put up a huge and beneficial following on social media.

It’s adroitly simple to create a Facebook page and Twitter account. It’s not at all tough to generate a large number of likes or followers. A lot of social media marketing firms can do this for you at an amazingly low cost. The sad news is the whole world of social media marketing is likely to focus more on quantity than quality. Lots of people who market themselves as social media professionals do a bit more than putting up pages and purchase likes or followers from people who signed up only because they were assured a reward. These followers may have less interest in your business.

Lastly, we cannot overlook that the idea of social networking is to get around. While business can be conducted definitely using these networks, users have an inborn hostility toward marketing messages and ads. That is why such a rising backlash against Facebook.

Creating a real social media following consumes times and effort. It must be part of your general marketing and brand-building tactic. It must not be considered as a fast substitute.

2. Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a genuine trend, though often blown out of proportion. While mobile devices have grown very popular in the past few years, this doesn’t imply that conventional PCs will soon be outdated. Desktops still handle some key purposes, and have advantages that cannot be matched by devices with smaller screens. If you need to get a good view of videos or graphics, a bigger screen is useful. Mobile phones and tablets are also difficult to type on than computers with full-sized keyboards. You can attach a bigger keyboard to a device such as a tablet, but then you are not getting the smaller device’s main benefit. This is vital so that you don’t get wiped out by the thought that mobile advertising and mobile devices are the future of online marketing. While it’s helpful to have a responsive website that can be viewed uniformly well on every device, don’t pull all of your labors into a mobile website.

Likewise, it’s not safe to presume that all of your website visitors will soon be employing mobile devices. At least for the expected future, users on devices of any shape and size will be checking out your website.

3. Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing has many handy applications, but it has become such a buzzword that lots of people presume it’s the perfect solution for one and all. There are few things that you must be alert to prior to putting all of your resources into the cloud.

Take care of the security threats in putting all of your data into a cloud based service. No matter what security actions are taken, intelligence signifies opportunities for data to be compromised existing on the Internet instead of on your own personal storage system.

Another concern that you must examine before committing to cloud solutions is price. The stated advantage of cloud based services is that they only charge you for resources you really use. However, in actuality you generally have to sign up for plans that entail a certain commitment. This may or may not be efficient for you compared to an in-house software solution. The bottom line is that you must not just assume that cloud computing is consistently the best. But there are still the benefits of using cloud for marketing like easy accessibility of resources, scalability, reliability, security of data, speed of implementation and getting larger audiences etc.

These latest tech trends appeal a certain amount of analysis. One caveat to bear in mind, though – hyped does not mean valueless. Each of these trends is very significant in its own way. But even though each of them is frequently presented as an inclusive panacea, they are not eventual answers. It’s not that you must discount them; only that you should keep them in proper viewpoint.

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