7 Ways to Make Use of WordPress More Efficiently

22 August 2013

San Jose:  Websites created with the WordPress content management system (CMS) get about 365 million sole visitors for each month, as per the WordPress website. John Haydon summarizes 7 practices to make better use of tags and categories in an article called “A quick, helpful guide for nonprofits using WordPress,” posted on Socialbrite.org.

“Categories are like aisles in a grocery store and tags are like ingredients in the various different foods,” wrote Haydon. “Tags (ingredients) link together all of your posts (food items) across your categories (aisles).”

Best techniques for tags comprise:

  1. Put your readers before anything else — if the reader clicks on the tag, will she find what she’s in search of?
  2. Use existing tags first — use the auto-complete feature when entering tags, wrote Haydon
  3. Make a usual habit of deleting tags that are unneeded or too general –pare down your tags until you have a handful of often used and highly specific tags.

And best techniques for categories include:

  1. Make them clear — while tags should be precise, categories can be a bit broader
  2. Consolidate categories — usual reviews will explain you what categories don’t have many posts
  3. Clean your slugs, the URL associated with each category, of articles and prepositions — this will aid with search engine optimization
  4. Start another blog if some of your categories are too deviating from others

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