Benefits of Combining WordPress and Magento

2 July 2012

San Jose : So, what are the advantages of combing your ecommerce software and blogging software?

WordPress allows your visitors and customers to take better advantage of your online store. They will be able to interact with you more than they would be able to if you simply offered products.

While you may be able to earn a nice profit by simply offering products to your customers, blogging offers you the ability to provide your customers with relative information about the products. It will also establish your company as authorities on the products you sell and how they work.

With WordPress, you will have the ability to take full advantage of search engine optimization, or SEO. You will not only be able to link to your products correctly, but you will be able to let the search engines and your site visitors know exactly what is happening in your product field and what important information they need to know.

Blogs allow you to publicize your store without the additional cost of advertising. If you are just starting your online business, this can be an excellent way to save money while you are trying to get your e-business of the ground. You can market your business, provide your customers with helpful information, and even post press releases in the blog itself.

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