Features of Magento QuickBooks Integration

2 July 2013


San Jose: Magento QuickBook Integration is an advantage for all companies who wish to have an automated system to manage their shopping card transactions, payroll and inventory. Internet merchants now can run their business more competently and perfectly with this tool. Now the online business owners are comforted from the overhead of managing huge accounting data manually. QuickBook is accounting software designed and developed by Intuit, to help small business owners manage their inventory, payroll, sales, orders and other business needs automatically, precisely and competently.

Integrating Magento with QuickBook lets you export your product details, customer information and orders received from Magento store to QuickBook. It coordinates customer’s information with the product details clients ordered for, between the eCommerce store and the accounting software. This assures error free shifting and maintaining of data to proper accounts. Magento QuickBook Integration ensures absolute and exact export of data. It overcomes the problem of duplicate data entry and other data entry issues that arises if done manually. It lessens the time spent on data synchronization. It saves ample amount of time required in data conversion.

Features of Magento QuickBook Integration Addon:

  1. You can export customer’s details without any duplication with the help of ‘Export Customers from the Store Manager to QuickBooks’ addon. With this addon you can also filter Customers based on their first name, last name, company etc.
  2. ‘Export Products from Store Manager to QuickBooks’ allows you to either modify the existing product or create new products or do both after selecting the type of entry you want to create – Inventory, Non Inventory, Service or Other Charge entries.
  3. Create sales orders, sales receipts or invoices with ‘Export Orders from Store Manager to QuickBooks’ addon. Orders exported can be filtered based on order id, status, data etc. Taxes can also be exported easily and refunds can be created with this addon.
  4. You can add details about your new product and update the existing stock, product name, cost, description and quantity available with the help of ‘Import Products from QuickBooks to Store Manager’ addon.

Above stated addons aids you to flawlessly integrate your Magento store with QuickBook. The addons guarantees complete and flawless export of customer’s information, products and orders details to QuickBook.

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