Google Reports That Non Mobile-Friendly Websites Will Be Obsoleted Soon

29 April 2015

San Jose: Recently, Google reported that it will be shortly expanding mobile friendliness as a ranking signal and this change will affect mobile searches while significantly impacting on the search results. With this, the users will find it easier to get relevant search results which are optimized for their devices. So, if you want your site to rank higher in the search results for different devices like phones and tablets, it’s advised to have a mobile friendly layout.

Implementing mobile-friendliness on a website:

  • There are many ways to check the mobile friendliness of a website. Google has a mobile friendly test which is specifically designed towards their new search algorithm. So, instead of presenting your site on different devices to check for mobile friendliness, you can take Google’s test which checks the friendliness based on certain criteria.
  • According to the Google’s report, it will obsolete the sites from mobile search which are not mobile friendly. This is because more than half of the searches are performed through mobile devices. As the mobile traffic has been increasing, companies realized that they need to take up mobile friendly agenda for their web properties.

Ways to make a website mobile-friendly:

There are several ways to make a website mobile-friendly; three main and most commonly used solutions are building a mobile app, having mobile version of the website or implementing responsive web design.

  1. Mobile application is a popular method followed by many entrepreneurs to make their site mobile friendly. A mobile app can showcase your site’s content in a simple and user-friendly fashion. As Google is incorporated with app indexing, a mobile application can also be searched in Google. But mobile applications are more suitable for a business when compared to news or a blog application that feeds information.     
  2. Mobile versions of a website can also be created in order to provide users a mobile-friendly experience. These mobile websites use a different URL from the main site and they display more digested version of your website; i.e. the website might have bigger buttons and spread out content. One main problem in creating a mobile version is that, sometimes the content gets left out.
  3. Responsive Web Design (RWD) is the best method one can rely upon to make their website mobile friendly. It allows a website to present itself on different devices or screen sizes. It just converts the content from the original site and makes it easier to navigate on different screen sizes. Responsive design makes it possible for the mobile versions of your site to stay updated with the original site display.

So don’t just wait until your site gets obsoleted in Google rankings.

Update: Google has already started rolling out the mobile friendly update on 21st April 2015. It can take several days for effectively spread throughout the world. But don’t worry it’s not that late you can still make your website mobile friendly to update your website with Google mobile search. 

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