How Can Mobile Fit into a Centralized IT Strategy?

18 November 2015

San Jose: According to a recent survey made on mobile technology, almost 81% of the CEOs have an opinion that, mobile technologies are strategically important for well-being of their organization. Also, 86% of the CEOs have said that the digital technologies which offer a competitive advantage can be the key to success.

It’s really a great that most of the CEOs understand the importance of mobility. But when it comes to mobile project execution, the app development becomes fragmented and decentralized.

The report also mentions that, 46% of the CIOs say fragmentation has been the main reason for mobile strategy lagging behind. This lack of mobile strategy can lead to serious issues like inefficiency, redundancy, uncontrolled costs and app failure.

So the CIOs first need to address the issue of fragmentation so that they don’t spend much on enterprise apps that don’t work.

Enterprise Mobile Strategy

  • If your organization has not deployed any mobile apps yet, you can now start it by creating an enterprise mobile strategy. In enterprise mobile strategy, you’ll have to identify the business areas where mobile could give a push to the processes. For that, you need to have some researchers for conducting user research which helps them uncover the areas where the processes can be made more efficient.
  • While building the strategy, you need to make sure that your mobility and company goals are aligned. Keeping them aligned helps you at the time of design and development. Having aligned goals, mobile agencies will be able to build apps that can help you reach your goals.

Mobile Centre of Excellence (MCoE)

  • Building mobile apps is not as easy as you would think especially if you want the apps to transform your business. One important thing to consider while aligning your mobile and IT strategies is the procedures and policies that will be used to govern the technologies and users. One best way to govern the procedures and policies is to create a Mobile Center of Excellence (MCoE). It ensures the consistency for all your mobile projects across the organization.
  • Security is definitely a huge issue; the users need to understand the way to use apps so that the data doesn’t get leaked out. Even if it gets leaked, the company needs a plan to fix it quickly before the data reaches the wrong hands. In order to protect your company, you need to apply the best security practices like using secure mobile gateways, multiple forms of authentication and performing regular audits.

You can also use Mobile Application Management (MAM) system and Mobile Device Management (MDM) system. MAM allows the organizations to control individual apps and user authentication whereas MDM gives IT control over the devices. Even if a mobile device is lost, you can wipe it remotely so that all the private data can be removed. Having MAM and MDM is not just enough; you need to integrate all your mobile devices into a centralized management strategy. This helps your company protect the data and lessen the impact of security breaches.

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