How Minute Things Can Make Your Website Stand Out?

18 February 2015

San Jose: Marginal gain is an iterative approach for solving complex problems using simple things. Just like using certain design patterns to improve the performance of a website. Most of the websites perform well similar to their competitors because of their design pattern. So even a small improvement could make your website stand out. It’s really hard to quantify a design improvement in terms of percentage; so the thing is to consider marginal gains which are mainly focused on small improvements.

Look for a minute improvement on each element:

  • Get into a mind-set to find at least a small improvement on all the aspects of a website. That small improvement would be something which takes your website to the new level. Normally the areas which tend themselves to marginal gains are the ones which will always be ignored. For instance, error messages are usually not copy written and are rarely designed. This is because they are invented by developers while coding. So it tends to result out as human friendly messages like Error 427: Expected data.
  • In order to find those minor improvements, development team must adapt to a multi-disciplinary approach where each and every element must be planned, designed and engineered.  Also, the processes must not be put into silos. It doesn’t mean that the designers must know the depth of object oriented programming concepts or every developer must be able to adjust tracking. It just to say that, the collaborative approach where the roles overlap would prevent elements falling down the cracks.

Consider micro copy as a vital element:

  • We all know the fact that the users don’t read websites in detail though we craft the content carefully. They just extract what they want using a couple of button labels. Whether it might in ‘F’ pattern or some click around the website. They get into the detail only if they find it really interesting. 
  • So micro copy is really an important factor; it might just be a hint, an error message or the labels on your menu. Users usually spend more time on micro copy than anything else on your websites. Micro copy is also a copy which is more likely to be designed. Normally this is also an afterthought that strikes our mind after the cracks.


  • Typography is one main area which completely embraces marginal gains. It’s nothing but finding a right measure, optimal leading and using some advanced features like ligatures, small quotes and caps. This offers a measureable improvement in the readability.
  • Typography is more like an art, with precedents created according to the way the human eye and brain process written language. So there are certain rules that define its usage and sweeping changes. It’s all about finding out several 1%s to enhance the website as a whole.

Though 1% looks like a very small thing, such improvements will have the benefit of their own. But when taken as a whole, such minute marginal gains will certainly make your websites stand out.

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