IDC’s 8 Remarkable Technology Predictions for 2015

24 December 2014

San Jose: Starting form 2007, market intelligence firm IDC has anticipated, registered and analyzed the notable shift in the industry to its third platform which is built on cloud and big data technologies. Third platform is a freely-defined computing platform where the availability of new technology has been very common.

Considering the upcoming year, IDC's team of expert analysts share their views for the future as we are getting into the most critical period in the third platform era, i.e. the innovation stage. The later stages will be elucidated by the explosion of innovation and top value creation of third platform's foundation along with the wave of core technologies.

Below mentioned are IDC’s top 8 technology predictions for 2015:

1. New technology is set to overtake the market: As per the predictions of IDC, ICT spending across the world will grow by 3.8% and reach up to $3.8 trillion. The growth of spending will be more focused on third platform technologies, whereas the spending on second platform technologies (PCs) continues to see the declination.

2. Wireless data growth: IDC forecasted that wireless data blows up 13% of spending toward telecommunications accounting for the revenue of about $536 billion. The company also envisioned that this leads carriers to build API based services to captivate developers.

3. Phablets will rise and wearables will underwhelm: According to the prediction, mobile devices and app sales would reach $484 billion in the coming year which accounts for 40% growth in IT spending. This is a steady rate of mobile growth when compared to the previous years. IDC also projected that it will be steered by phablets and enterprise mobile app development.

4. Cloud services: IDC predicted that SaaS, IaaS and PaaS services would remain a hotbed of activity in 2015 accounting for about $118 billion in spending. Acquisition of Iaas is projected for the highest growth (36%) as new contenders are taking on AWS.

5. Big data and analytics: IDC says that spending on big data would grow up to $125 billion, as image and audio analytics are attaining more importance. IDC also estimates that data-as-a-service would manage the molding of big data supply chains.

6. The Internet of Things (IOT): IDC recognized IOT as one of the most significant factors for the growth of third platform in 2015. The firm predicted the invention of connected things with one-third of spending focused on intelligent embedded devices and predictive maintenance.

7. Cloud services become the new data centers: Prediction says that data centers are experiencing a fundamental transformation in the third platform era with computing capacities moving to cloud.  Prediction report also says that this shift will ignite a burst of “cloud-first” hardware innovations which integrates storage, server, software and networking.

8. Third platform gets industry-specialized: IDC envisions that third platform technologies will be specialized into industry-specific enterprise platforms while doubling their number in 2015. The firm did not forget to mention few examples like alternative payment networks in financial services, extension of location-based services in the retail industry and others.

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