Web Design Techniques to Reduce Friction on Your Website

Firstly it’s really important to understand what friction means with respect to web design! Friction is something that doesn’t let users achieve their goal. The user would feel difficult to interact with the components on a website. It has been a nightmare for several users and hence it’s really a good practice to reduce the friction so that the web interface lets you interact easily without any sort of complications. But, before thinking of reducing the friction, we have to identify how it arises and what would be the result of it.

How does friction arise?

Friction is a thing that the users are really worried about and web designers certainly need to think about it. It normally comes in several forms and names; few users see friction as a hurdle to cross, whether it may be the page loading time or the poor navigation. It might also be the result of excessive usage of unneeded things in the interface. Friction arises because of all these things and results in inconsistencies in the interface, distracted visuals, unnecessary actions and more.

Less the number of steps involved in a task, less will be the friction and if the steps in the interface is reaching double digit, try to list out the steps of your competitors for the same task. But if the steps are really necessary, make sure that all the steps are effortless.

Here are a few ways to reduce friction:

  1. Inspect different mediums: ‘Web’ is a visual word thinking of which a lot of ideas strike into your mind. Web content need not be the text compulsorily; there are several dimensions like graphics, images, animations and more. So make use of all the mediums to take the advantage of different processes.
  2. Clasp the magic of videos: Showing something creates a great impact rather than just telling about it. It communicates the quality and product details easily. So, designers need to understand that visuals are not just enough to build an impact on the customers. Videos would assist you to in such cases. Make use of videos rather than just filling the site with worthless contents.
  3. Focus the content: Have more focus on the content; include only the contents which will be useful for the users to achieve their objectives. Useful content comprises everything such as the web layout, graphics, content, animation, typography, etc. Prioritize the aesthetics in such a way that it matches the expectations of the user.
  4. Piece out the content:  Divide complex content into several smaller sections; this improves the pace of the user experience. It’s also known as chunking; it prevents the users being overwhelmed on the first impression; so definitely the user will get engaged with the content.
  5. Keep it consistent and interesting: Consistent experience is one of the main things that a user expects in a website. If you use very strong UI patterns, everything seems to be the same and your website stars to lose the rhythm; by this the users will also lose their interest.

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